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1 in 20 children have ADHD. Whether your child has mild or severe ADHD, and wherever they are along the pathway, you’re not on your own.


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Try these ideas to help manage your child's behaviour:

  1. Help build your child’s self-esteem by giving them praise, especially about their effort e.g. “Well done for tidying your room.”
  2. Explain what’s going to happen in the day as it can help children with ADHD to know how their day is going to go.
  3. Take time to enjoy each other’s company and build your relationship.

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Looking for more?

This is a podcast on what ADHD is and what helps available for children with ADHD:

Visual Aid picture cards to help your child understand the world Do 2 Learn – free visual aid cards

ADHD Foundation have some useful guides covering a range of topics such as teenagers, sleep etc.

Time to reflect

When thinking about looking out for your child with ADHD… 

What are you already doing that you want to carry on doing? 

What have you learned that you could try today? 

What do you want to do next? 

Know what you want to do next?

Log into your free account (on the top right-hand side) to set a goal on something that’s important to you and your family – then you can check in to show yourself how far you’ve come.

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