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Become a member organisation

There are three groups of organisations working in Wirral that make up Family Toolbox:

The Family Toolbox team is made up of the organisations that are contracted to take responsibility for the objectives of the Alliance and carry the Family Toolbox values. We talk about them being ‘part of the Family Toolbox’.

Organisations like schools and GP surgeries that promote the Family Toolbox and help connect families to it are part of the Family Toolbox network.

A Family Toolbox member is any non-profit or private organisation that works with Wirral children, young people and their parents/carers and signs up to the values of the membership mark. You are ‘part of the Family Toolbox’ too.

Why become a Family Toolbox Member?

What are the benefits of becoming a Family Toolbox Member?

Do groups or organisations need to be members to be included on the Family Toolbox website?
Not exclusively, although you do need to be working with Wirral children, young people and their parents/carers. We will be developing ways that organisations with the membership mark have a higher profile on the website but if you simply want your organisation/services listed on the site, you can send us your details here. The information about organisations and services on our site is pulled through from Wirral InfoBank, so by updating your details with us, you will be updating InfoBank too.

What do I need to do to become a member?
Member organisations simply need to complete a short application form which will ask you to:

Want to know more?
Contact to find out how we can support your organisation to become a Family Toolbox Member

Become a Family Toolbox Member by clicking here 

When you submit your membership application, you will receive an acknowledgement from the team and we will arrange to visit you to finalise your membership. When the visit is completed, membership will be confirmed and you will be eligible for member benefits.