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Ronald McDonald House – Arrowe Park

Arrowe Park Hospital, CH49 5PE

Ronald McDonald House - Arrowe Park

Having a child in hospital is unimaginable for families. At Ronald McDonald House Charities UK, we ease some of the burden by providing free ‘home away from home’ accommodation.


Can we help your family?

The Ronald McDonald House at Arrowe Park Hospital is situated inside the hospital itself, occupying the first floor and providing respite for families quite literally seconds from their sick child’s bed. Our facility is equipped with 7 ensuite rooms in which families can relax – away from the busy ward. We also have a kitchen with laundry facilities, where families can cook and be together, just as they would at home, to make sure they can wake from a night’s stay well rested, well fed and feeling ready for whatever the day may bring.


How we help:

The best medical care for your child isn’t always close to home, and families often find themselves travelling long distances to be with their child in hospital. 

Our 11 Houses across the UK give families a warm and comfortable place to rest, eat and relax, just moments away from their child’s hospital ward. Our support is invaluable to families at a critical time in their lives.


Our Impact:

Team RMHC are passionate about the support we give to the 6,000 families helped each year. Since 1989, we have supported over 50,000 families from all walks of life, both across the UK and some corners of the globe. For those families, staying close to their child in hospital receiving care is the number one priority. 


As an independent charity, we rely on the support and generosity of our volunteers, fundraisers and donors to keep 6,000 families close to their sick children in hospital each year.


Please also see our Facebook page for further information.


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