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National Organisation for FASD

The National Organisation for FASD provides support to people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), their families and communities; campaigns to raise public awareness; and promotes relevant policies and practices.


National FASD unequivocally promotes alcohol-free pregnancy and the CMO guidance.


We place a high priority on engaging those with lived experience at the core of our projects and programmes, and we are looking at ways to increase this further as we continue to develop organisationally. We operate on a no-shame, no-blame ethos.


What is FASD?

FASD results when prenatal alcohol exposure affects the developing brain and body. FASD is a spectrum. Each person with FASD is affected differently. While more than 400 conditions can co-occur, FASD is at its core a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition. All people with FASD have many strengths. Early diagnosis and appropriate support are essential, especially for executive functioning.



Our programmes are focused on promoting wellbeing for those with FASD and their families, providing materials for GPs, midwives and teachers and creating cutting-edge resources and experiences for people with FASD. See our website for resources.


Who is this aimed at?

Open to all


How to get involved

The National Organisation for FASD is committed to providing quality resources to help improve the lives of those with FASD and those who support them. We provide PDFs free of charge, please see our website for details.


September is FASD Awareness Month - The 9th day of the 9th month is International FASD Day. This is to draw attention to the importance of going alcohol-free for the 9 months of pregnancy. In the UK, we also celebrate September FASD Awareness Month! This is a whole month dedicated to raising awareness of FASD in the UK, as well as celebrating the amazing day-to-day achievements of awesome people with FASD


Contact details


Helpline: 0208 458 5951

We are here to help with general information and advice on next steps.
Please note: We are not a crisis helpline. We cannot refer to local services.


For further information

For more information about The National Organisation for FASD search The National Organisation for FASD in this directory.


Visit the National Organisation for FASD website

Visit the National Organisation for FASD Facebook page



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