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Physical Disability

Parenting a child with a physical disability can bring unique challenges as you support your child in their development and to get the care that they need. 

Physical Disability

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Some top tips for parents and carers

  1. It’s okay to ask for help. Speak to family and friends about what you need. 
  2. Put yourself in their shoes. They may deal with things differently so try and think about things from their perspective. 
  3. Look after yourself as well. Take some quality time for yourself each day. 
Physical Disability

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If you are needing some extra guidance on supporting disabled, adults, children and older people, click here: 

Get a free helpful guide sent to your letterbox from Contact

The helpful guide for families with disabled children.

Visual aids to help your child understand the world Do 2 Learn – free visual aid cards

Time to reflect

When thinking about your child’s physical disability…  

What are you already doing that you want to carry on doing?  

What have you learned that you could try today?  

What do you want to do next?

Know what you want to do next?

Log into your free account (on the top right-hand side) to set a goal on something that’s important to you and your family – then you can check in to show yourself how far you’ve come.

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