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The Life Garage – Metanoeo CIC

The Life Garage - Metanoeo CIC

Initially established in 2014 as a community life coaching project in Liverpool, UK by our founder Dr Dave Wood, we have grown into a unique social enterprise.


We have a clear purpose summed up in the hashtag #wellbeing4all. To achieve this we train and support life coaches and partner with community projects to help them grow the wellbeing of their communities. We believe in being grounded but hopeful, warm, optimistic, authentic and creative. We believe in transformation as a possibility for all.


The Life Garage 

The Life Garage is based on the concept that people service their cars as a regular activity regardless of how well they are working, so why not their life?

Comprising six central concepts, theoretically grounded in psycho-social theory and positive psychology, but presented in a non-technical practical way, The Life Garage will provide you with an opportunity to develop the tools you need to become your own life mechanic and help tune up your life.

We all learn in different ways, so we have provided you with a variety of ways you can engage in The Life Garage:

The Polymath - For those of us who like to dip in and out of ideas.

If you want to just look at the ideas that are most relevant to you right now, then this is the option for you You'll still be able to access all the materials and downloads, but as a resource that you can dip into.


The Philomath - For those of us who like to complete courses.

If you like the sense of satisfaction and structure of completing courses, then we have just the thing. Our Udemy hosted course comes complete with quizzes and can be returned to whenever you like.

The Bibliophile - For those of us who like a book we can write in.

If you prefer a printed textbook with space for notes and reflections, we get it. That's why we've put all the content together for you to be able to buy The Life Garage in a workbook format.


Who is this aimed at?

This is accessible to all



Cost varies for this resource, inquire with the provider for details


How to get involved

We all learn in different ways, so we have provided you with a variety of ways you can engage in The Life Garage - online resources, courses and our manual.

To choose the option that suits you best Visit the Life Garage website


Contact details

Phone: 07472 716195



For further information

For more information about Metanoeo CIC search Metanoeo CIC in this directory.

Visit the Metanoeo CIC website

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