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Parental Education Growth Support (PEGS)

Parental Education Growth Support (PEGS)

PEGS is a social enterprise set up to support parents, carers and guardians who are experiencing Child to Parent Abuse (including those with adult offspring). We don't directly work with the child displaying the behaviours but have a network of partners whose expertise lies in this area.


We also train frontline professionals to recognise and effectively respond to CPA, and work with national and regional organisations to develop and implement policies.

PEGS is a social enterprise which was set up to reduce the impact of Child to Parent Abuse on individuals, families and society as a whole.

We have four main aims-

Supporting parents – these services are, and will always remain, free and open to any parental figure regardless of the age of their child (including adult offspring).

Training professionals – including police services, social care teams, charities and other frontline services.

Influencing regional and national policy – PEGS founder Michelle John works with organisations to develop, implement and improve their CPA policies and frameworks.

Raising awareness – this is done via traditional, social and digital media as well as events and speeches.


Who is this aimed at?

Parents, carers and guardians (with children of any age including 18+)



Live chat is available Monday to Fridays 



9am to 3pm






Please enquire with the service for the cost


How to get involved

Please contact us using the contact form on the website


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For further information

For more information about PEGS search PEGS in this directory.


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