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Loss Support – Caritas Wirral

Caritas Diocese of Shrewsbury, CH44 7ED

Loss Support - Caritas Wirral

Caritas provides services to children, families and vulnerable adults of all faiths and none. We work across all sections of the community and cultural backgrounds.

Caritas Wirral family Support Services has a dedicated team of experienced staff and volunteers, with excellent knowledge of local services and support networks. 


Loss Support

We offer loss support in an environment where children, adults and families we support can feel comfortable and can speak openly about their loss. Being a non-intrusive, empathic and respectful service, we ensure our support is set at a relaxed pace that allows the client to feel listened to and heard. 


The above service is here to support the loss in various forms not exclusive to those who have suffered emotional breakup, parental breakup, loss of identity, people who have been estranged from their families, job loss or loss of anything of value to you.


Who is this aimed at?

This support is open to all ages, children and adults.



The Caritas Wirral office is open from Monday to Friday.



Initial contact will be a warm and welcoming chat by phone or email, you will then be triaged to the relevant support.


Opening hours

The Caritas Wirral office is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm.



This support is free, there is no cost.


How to get involved

If you have any queries regarding our Loss Support, please contact Linda at or Lisa at 


Contact details



Phone: 07824329340



Phone: 07394568254


For further information

Visit the Caritas Wirral website

Visit the Caritas Wirral Facebook page

Visit the Caritas Twitter page



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