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EE Learn Smart – EE

EE Learn Smart - EE

EE, part of the BT Group, runs the UK's biggest and fastest mobile network, offering 4G in more places than any other UK network. EE was first to launch 4G in the UK in October 2012, and also first to launch 5G in May 2019. EE also provides home and business broadband using both 4G and fixed line connections. EE’s retail presence exceeds more than 600 shops across the UK.


EE Learn Smart

EE Learn Smart has everything your child needs to make learning online fun, accessible and safe. With tools to help them protect their wellbeing and navigate life in the online world, plus all the tech they need to learn well from anywhere, whatever network they’re on.


We all learn differently. For kids born in the internet era, a significant proportion of education now takes place through a screen. This goes beyond the Zoom lessons of the pandemic or even the legendary BBC Bitesize with a myriad of online tools and platforms available to students young and old to dip into at will. With answers a mere tap or click away though, quality and trust are vital.


Enter EE LearnSmart, which gives access to a network of inspirational and expert mentors who kids will recognise and admire. In snackable video lessons, they’ll pick up new skills and earn rewards en route.

From STEM to self-care, gain skills to help you navigate school and life. Follow your curiosity and discover your passion.


Who is this aimed at?

Designed specially for 11-17 year olds



We’re here Monday to Friday - 7am to 11pm



This is an online resource





How to get involved

To access our resources, please Visit the EE LearnSmart page on the EE website


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For more information about EE search EE in this directory.


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