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Diabetes Prehabilitation Programme – One Wirral CIC

One Wirral CIC, CH41 2QJ

Diabetes Prehabilitation Programme - One Wirral CIC

One Wirral CIC (Community Interest Company) is a social enterprise which brings organisations and people together to achieve bigger and better things for the people of Wirral.


We want to build healthier and more resilient communities by ensuring people have equal access to services that make their lives better, including those that go further than providing medical services alone. There are plenty of ideas out there run by organisations, small grassroots groups and individuals, aimed at helping people with non-clinical aspects of their lives which are key to their wellbeing.


We offer a place where they can collaborate with others and find support to maximise the impact of their efforts.


Diabetes Prehabilitation Programme 

We are incredibly proud to be delivering the first Diabetes Prehabilitation Programme in the North West.
The programme is a community lead service that encompasses a personalised holistic approach to diabetic control and is designed to get Type 2 Diabetic patients physically optimised and mentally prepared prior to surgery.
Our dedicated prehab team work with patients to create a plan to motivate and empower people to improve their health and wellbeing.
The work we are currently doing is so important as it ensures the patients are not only mentally prepared for their surgery and recovery but also by optimising their health, this will lead to reduced surgical risks, and improved post-operative recovery.
Benefits of Prehabilitation:
  • Prepare for Tests, Surgery or Treatment
  • Optimised healthy lifestyle
  • Promote healthy behaviours
  • Improve long-term health
  • Maximise resilience to treatment
  • Reduce HB A Ic and improve blood glucose levels


Who is this aimed at?

Open to all



One Wirral CIC, 2 Oxton Road, Birkenhead, Wirral CH41 2QJ



This support is free


How to get involved

For information or support, please phone or email.


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Phone: 0151 294 4470



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