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Child Exploitation – Catch22

Child Exploitation - Catch22

Missing from home or care services identify reasons for young people running away and provide support. Our services also prevent or stop child exploitation, raise awareness amongst young people and provide training for professionals, parents and carers.


We are responsive to the needs of each young person and, having listened to their story, we build trusting relationships and tailor our support to meet their individual needs. This may include return home interviews, screening and assessments, and interventions which enable young people to recognise and reflect upon the causes, signs and symptoms of child exploitation (including sexual exploitation and criminal exploitation). Working closely with a range of partner agencies including Police and children’s social care ensures we can respond quickly in an integrated manner.


Who is this aimed at?

Young people and families





How to get involved

Visit the Contact Us page on the Catch22 website


Contact details

Phone: 020 7336 4800



For further information

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