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Art Therapy – Heart4Refugees

Grange Baptist Church, CH41 2QS

Art Therapy - Heart4Refugees

We offer well-being and emotional and practical support to refugees and asylum seekers living in the Wirral area. Providing a voice for the community.


Art Therapy

We use art to reduce stress and emotional pain. We are keen to ensure that clients create art without self-judgement, and advocate the use of art to help our clients create a picture of their hopes and dreams, increase confidence and self-awareness as well as accessing the subconscious mind and change limiting patterns and beliefs.


Art therapy is a specialised form of psychotherapy. It encourages self-exploration and communication by using art materials as a visual language. Art therapy allows you to delve into your inner experiences and gain a deeper understanding of complex trauma and unidentified emotions.


Through creative exploration, art therapy provides a platform for self-reflection, understanding, and insight.


Who is this aimed at?

This support is aimed at refugees






1pm to 3pm



Grange Baptist Church, Whetstone Lane, Birkenhead, Wirral CH41 2QS





How to get involved

Please enquire with the service provider for session details


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