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1-2-1 School Child Counselling – Healthbox

1-2-1 School Child Counselling - Healthbox

Healthbox strives to provide health and wellbeing centred services in our local communities in and around Cheshire. 


We exist with the mission of promoting health and wellbeing to individuals and groups by empowering them to make healthier choices easier.


1-2-1 School Child Counselling

1 in 6 children aged 5 to 16 is likely to have a mental health problem, according to the Children’s Society. In light of the evidence that children do not always receive the support that they need, as quickly as they should, Healthbox CIC will be offering 1-2-1 counselling to children referred by a parent or teacher with the aim of reducing potential barriers to education. Pupils will receive a counselling session once a week on the school premises.


Who is this aimed at?

Children aged 5 to 16 years old



School premises





How to get involved

A child can be referred to our counselling service via their school staff.


For more information or support, please get in touch by phone or email


Contact details

Phone: 0151 355 0205


For further information

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