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What can affect changes in your child’s behaviour?

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What can affect changes in your child’s behaviour?

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Things that can affect your child’s behaviour:

  1. Life changes – any change in a child’s life can be difficult for them. This could be the birth of a new baby, moving house,  starting nursery or school or something much smaller.
  2. You’re having a difficult time – children are quick to notice if you’re feeling upset or there are problems in the family. They may behave badly when you feel least able to cope. If you’re having problems do not blame yourself, but do not blame your child either if they react with difficult behaviour.
  3. How you’ve handled difficult behaviour before – sometimes your child may react in a particular way because of how you’ve handled a problem in the past. For example, if you’ve given your child sweets to keep them quiet at the shops, they may expect sweets every time you go there.
  4. Needing attention – your child might see a tantrum as a way of getting attention, even if it’s bad attention. They may wake up at night because they want a cuddle or some company. Try to give them more attention when they’re behaving well and less when they’re being difficult.


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