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How can I respond to my child when they get angry?

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How can I respond to my child when they get angry?

When your child is acting out, it can be hard to know how to deal with it. There are some things you can try to address their behaviour.

  1. Try to separate your child’s feelings from their behaviour- make it clear you’re not dismissing their anger by saying it is okay to feel angry sometimes.  
  2. Try not to get angry yourself- use a calm voice and open body language e.g., don’t hold your arms.  
  3. Avoid asking them lots of questions when they are angry- acknowledge their feelings and let them know it would be good to talk about it when they are ready.  
  4. If it feels right, offer them some space to calm down- especially with older children give them some space to do something they enjoy calming down e.g., listening to music this may make it easier for them to process their feelings.  

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