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The Sensory Shack

The Sensory Shack, Unit 2-4 Beechwood Drive, CH43 7ZU

The Sensory Shack

The Sensory Shack enables carers and users to connect and bond, have fun and build trust through activities such as Rhythm sessions, play and movement sessions and Sensory room sessions.

The Sensory Shack is a much needed, vital asset to the vulnerable and traumatised members of the community. Connecting and calming the users is essential to open the user to moving forwards, to find wellness and calming the brain stem in order to enable further beneficial therapeutic activity. 


Who is this aimed at?

People of all ages with special needs or brain trauma who need a safe and secure base to feel relaxed and heal.



We are open 7 days a week 


Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 7pm

Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am to 4pm



The Sensory Shack, Unit 2-4 Beechwood Drive, Prenton, Birkenhead CH43 7ZU



Sensory School  - £35 per session (6 session block booking required)

Sensory Session - £30 for 90 minutes


How to get involved

Personal bookings can be booked online

School referrals can be booked by emailing:


Contact details

Phone: 07858588037


School referrals:


For further information

For more information about The Sensory Shack search The Sensory Shack in this directory.


Visit The Sensory Shack website

Visit The Sensory Shack Facebook page



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