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The Open Doors Project

We are a non-profit organisation based in Birmingham and Merseyside, and provide outdoor experiences for children and young people with a range of additional needs, including physical and learning disabilities, social and emotional needs, and behavioural needs.


We use Merseyside's beautiful parks and natural areas to explore, play and learn together.


We Are Fun

We provide a fun and adventurous atmosphere, where children can learn through play and explore their environment. We let each child pursue their interests and discover new experiences.


We Are Adaptive

Each child’s individual needs are at the heart of what we do. Each child is listened to, and their own wants and needs are addressed. We change and adapt activities to suit all the children we work with.


We Are Collaborative

Children and adults work together to create fantastic memories and learning experiences. We encourage teamwork between children and allow them to work together with or without adult support, developing crucial communication and social skills. We aim to work with other community and public sector organisations.


We Are Supportive

We provide a nurturing and caring atmosphere in which children can be themselves, have fun, and gain independence. We give parents, guardians, and carers valuable respite time while their children are in a safe and welcoming environment.


We are currently taking on new applicants for our sessions, which will include stay and play, sessions for children to come without parents and more.


Who is this aimed at?

Children and young people aged 3 to 18 years with a range of additional needs



Please enquire with service for further details






All sessions are free of charge and transport can be provided


How to get involved

For information or support, please get in touch with Kate by phone or email


Contact details

Phone: 07496235522



For further information

For more information about The Open Doors Project search The Open Doors Project in this directory.


Visit The Open Doors Project website

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