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Strut Safe

Strut Safe

Strut Safe is a free, non-judgemental volunteer service dedicated to walking anyone who needs us home safely.


Strut Safe was founded by Rachel Chung and Alice Jackson following the murder of Sarah Everard in March of 2021. We were once again reminded that there is much work to be done to dismantle systemic violence against women and other marginalised groups. Strut Safe is an initiative to help anyone who feels unsafe when walking in public. We have volunteers based across the UK ready to take calls and stay on the line with you until you get in the door.


Who is this aimed at?

Anyone can call Strut Safe. We are dedicated to providing free, non-judgemental support to anyone who needs us



Friday, Saturday and Sunday



Friday and Saturday - 7pm to 3am

Sunday - 7pm to 1am 



This service is free


How to get involved

If you have any queries or seek support, please phone 0333 335 0026, email or complete the online Contact Form Visit the Contact Form on the Strut Safe website.


Contact details


Phone: 0333 335 0026


For further information

For more information about Strut Safe search Strut Safe in this directory.


Visit the Strut Safe website

Visit the Strut Safe Facebook page

Visit the Strut Safe Twitter feed




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