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Sky Badger

Sky Badger is a charity that finds help and adventure for disabled children and their families all over the UK.


We believe that family life should be full of fun and adventure. That's especially important when your child has a disability or life-threatening illness. Sky Badger is where you'll find help for physical disabilities, special educational needs, and mental health problems as well as finding support for your whole family.


We do this by building bridges between disabled children and the charities and services available to help. We find everything from disabled sports clubs to sibling groups to ‘make a wish’ charities and tell families about them through our website, social media platforms, videos, information packs and helpdesk.


Support available:


  • Finances
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Holidays and days out
  • Technology and kit
  • Local services
  • The Motability Scheme
  • Covid-19 Stuck at Home


Who is this aimed at?

Families/Parents/Carers of children with disabilities or life-threatening illnesses






This support is free


How to get involved

For information or support, please complete the online Contact Us form Visit the Contact Us page on the Sky Badger website.


For further information

For more information about Sky Badger search Sky Badger in this directory.


Visit the Sky Badger website

Visit the Contact Us page on the Sky Badger website

Visit the Sky Badger Instagram page






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