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This site is an information site for anyone who is raising children on their own, whether through a relationship breakup, illness, bereavement, work commitments or choice. It is run by Single Parent Action Network, a campaigning organisation working to make sure that your stories and your questions about single parenting are an important part of the social and political agenda.


SingleParents brings together essential information, expert advice, interactive learning, multi-media content, links to other support organisations and news for anyone who is parenting alone.

We aim to be the first port of call for single parents online, providing information, support or signposting to relevant services and a lifeline for everyone who is doing the hardest yet most important job, parenting alone.


Who is this aimed at?

Single parents



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How to get involved

SingleParents is currently an information service only, please Visit the SingleParents website.


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For more information about SingleParents search SingleParents in this directory.


Visit the SingleParents website

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