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PAC-UK is the country’s largest independent Adoption Support Agency. From offices in Leeds, Liverpool and London we reach out to individuals, families and professionals from the Scottish borders to the south coast.


Our vision

Our vision is that all those affected by adoption, Special Guardianship and other forms of permanent care are supported and enabled to live their lives to the full. We have built our expertise over a 30 year period, starting out as Post-Adoption Centre in 1986. 


Entering adoption, Special Guardianship or another permanent placement is an important step forward in a child’s life. At PAC-UK we understand that this is the beginning of a life-long journey, not just for the child, but also for the adoptive/permanent care family and the birth family left behind. Our support extends to all these groups, and includes adults adopted as children who continue to find difficulties arising on their own life journey. We also offer advice to professionals working with these families in different contexts – in particular adoption social workers, school teachers and virtual school staff.


Key services

We offer the following key services:

  • Advice Line staffed by qualified and experienced PAC-UK counsellors who can provide advice and information on all aspects of adoption and other forms of permanent care.
  • A range of Adopted Adult Services for adults adopted or otherwise permanently placed as children, including advice, counselling, access to adoption records, searching and intermediary services.
  • A Birth Parent & Birth Relatives Service providing a range of advice, counselling, intermediary services and groups for birth parents and other birth relatives.


PAC-UK offer a range of services across the UK. The ones listed above are available in the local area.


Who is this aimed at?

All those affected by adoption, Special Guardianship and other forms of permanent care



Monday - 9am to 5pm

Tuesday - 9am to 5pm

Wednesday - 9am to 7:30pm

Thursday - 9am to 7:30pm

Friday - 9am to 5pm






Please enquire with the service for the cost


How to get involved

Please call or email for further details


Contact details

Phone: 0300 180 0090



For further information

For more information about PAC - UK search PAC - UK in this directory.


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