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NewBold Hope

NewBold Hope

Newbold Hope is a small, parent-led organization set up by Yvonne Newbold MBE, to work with families and professional staff from education, health care, and social services in reducing anxiety-led difficult and dangerous behaviour in children with an additional need or disability.


Yvonne Newbold is a writer, speaker and trainer who is also the mother to three children, including Toby who is multiply disabled with profound learning disabilities. She is passionate about doing whatever it takes to make things better for children and adults who have a neurodevelopmental condition or disability, as well as for their families.


Newbold Hope is also passionate about sharing essential SEND parenting strategies to help you to lead your child beyond their anxieties, fears, confusion and extreme behaviour.


Newbold Hope works with parents and professionals to reduce difficult and dangerous behaviour in children with a disability or an additional need. We also work to change people’s perceptions about this issue, so that the blame, judgment, and shame that is so often, and very unfairly, directed at this group of children and their parents is also significantly reduced and replaced with compassionate understanding, help, and support


Who is this aimed at?

Open to all with a targeted focus on SEND parenting



Please enquire for details on our website



Please enquire for details on our website






Free service with options to buy additional support


How to get involved

Self access through website


Contact details

Please get in touch via website and social media


For further information

For more information about Newbold Hope search Newbold Hope in this directory.


Visit the Newbold Hope website



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