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National Bullying Helpline

National Bullying Helpline

The UK’s only charitable organisation addressing Adult Bullying and Child Bullying.


Our Mission is to continue to work towards eradicating anti-social behaviour in all corners of our society and occasionally that involves campaigning, speaking out and raising awareness.


This helpline was founded in 2003 and was the very first UK helpline which provided assistance to individuals struggling with bullying issues, whatever the nature of the abuse. Today, the helpline is unique in that it is the only helpline of its kind, established by qualified employment law professionals, providing operational, timely, support to both adults and children – whether the bullying is in the home, the community, the playground, the workplace or on-line (ie: Cyberbullying).


Between 2007 and 2011 the helpline was launched as The National Bullying Helpline and became a registered Charity. In 2012 the National Bullying Helpline became a Voluntary Organisation and ceased to operate as a charity.


Who is this aimed at?

Victims of bullying.



This support is open Monday to Friday.



9am to 5pm



Free for all


How to get involved

Please call Freephone: 0300 323 0169 or Telephone: 0845 225 5787, or email


Contact details


Phone: Freephone: 0300 323 0169 or Telephone: 0845 225 5787


For further information

For more information about National Bullying Helpline search National Bullying Helpline in this directory. 


Visit the National Bullying Helpline website

Visit the National Bullying Helpline Facebook page

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