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McKenzie Friend

McKenzie Friend

McKenzie Friends can help you with all aspects of family law disputes, with experience of over 20 years in family law cases relating to children in public and private law proceedings with over 3000 cases resolved. Helping parents experiencing difficulties when attending Family Court hearings for Child Custody disputes and unable to afford solicitors.


We can provide you with a professional low-cost affordable approach, and in some cases help you acquire additional free support in domestic abuse and finding of fact hearings. We are someone who cares about the outcome for your children and not for vast financial gain is the key objective. See our no-fee guarantee if you fail to achieve a respectable outcome at a final hearing and your case has been with me from the start, then you won’t be expected to pay all my attendance fees.


We give highly skilled knowledgeable support for the more complex family law cases, when experience is vital in helping you understand procedures and the interpretation of expert evidence, with no room for mistakes, With reassurance that I cannot remember any significant poor outcomes. this is down to some basic principles of honesty and professionalism. We at helping others achieve remarkable outcomes in landmark cases and challenging outdated case law in Supreme Court hearings is known as the voice of a child.


Who is this aimed at?

Anybody who needs help with all aspects of family law disputes.



Monday to Friday



9am to 6pm



Please enquire with Mckenzie Friend for details.


How to get involved

Please contact McKenzie Friend by phone or email


Contact details

Phone: 07878 89 60 44


Child Custody Mckenzie Friend tele/text call-back 0787 889 6044 on Whatsapp 7 days a week


For further information

For more information about Mckenzie Friend search Mckenzie Friend in this directory.


Visit the McKenzie Friend website


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