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Limbless Association

Limbless Association

The Limbless Association provides support for amputees, friends, families, carers and health care professionals. The calls we receive cover wide-ranging enquiries about all aspects of limb loss, pre-and post-amputation.


Who is this aimed at?

We aim to support people of all ages and backgrounds through a variety of existing programmes and services. We offer support to individuals of any age, whether they are about to have an amputation or are already living with congenital or acquired limb-loss and we offer assistance and information to carers, family members and friends if they require it. We support both the civilian and military population and work closely with other UK Charities to provide the best overall service for each individual.


Opening hours

This support is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.



This support is free, there is no charge.


How to get involved

If you have any queries or seek support call 0800 644 0185, complete the Contact Us form on our website Visit the Limbless Association Contact Us page or email


Contact details

Phone: 0800 644 0185



For further information

Visit the Limbless Association website

Visit the Limbless Association Facebook page

Visit the Limbless Association Twitter




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