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Health Protection Service

What is the Health Protection Service?

Wirral’s Health Protection Service, within Public Health, is at the forefront of prevention, control and management of communicable diseases and other health hazards – providing advice, support and guidance to communities and settings and promoting protective behaviours.


What are the aims of the service?

The service aims to reduce harm to health, protect the economy and address health inequalities in Wirral, focusing on key priorities: 


Wirral’s Health Protection Priorities

  • Ongoing Covid 19 response, including being prepared for new variants
  • Strengthen infection prevention and control
  • Reduce the impact of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  • Reduce vaccine preventable diseases amongst adults and children
  • Strengthen preparedness, resilience and response to outbreaks, major incidents and emergencies
  • Reduce health harms from climate and environmental hazards
  • Reduce the harmful impact of Tuberculosis and blood-borne viruses, including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV


How is this done?

The Health Protection Service promotes the health and wellbeing of Wirral residents by delivering training, community engagement and awareness-raising events linked to the key priorities and via signposting or referral to a network of partner organisations. 

The service provides advice to settings on managing cases and outbreaks of infectious diseases and works collaboratively with specialist services and partners including the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) services, Environmental Health, NHS partners, Adult Social Care, Children’s Services and Health and Safety. 


Who is this aimed at?

All are welcome



Monday to Friday



9am to 5pm





How to get involved

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For further information

For more information about the Health Protection Service search Health Protection Service in this directory.


Visit the Wirral Health Protection on the Wirral Council website

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