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Detached Youth Work Wirral

Detached youth work operates without the use of a building and takes place where young people "are at" both geographically and developmentally. It delivers informal and social education and addresses whatever needs are presented to or perceived by the youth worker.


As Detached Youth Workers have no physical building over which they have power or control, the relationship between the young person and youth worker is entirely voluntary and constantly up for negotiation. The teams are highly experienced in working with all groups of young people; from some of the most challenging and vulnerable young people in the community to groups of young people who just ‘hang out to socialise and enjoy each other's company.


The team supports young people to raise their aspirations by offering them new positive experiences that aim to give the young people the right information and self-awareness to make positive decisions in their life and for the future.


They have access to a mobile resource known as the Kontactabus, working with young people in the community enabling youth workers to build trusting relationships and create discussion; identify the issues faced by young people and by the community, delivering brief interventions on substance misuse, staying safe, healthy relationships. Youth workers support young people to address these issues.


Support may include:

  • Links to other support agencies
  • Support for accessing training
  • Discussion on decision making and personal journey
  • Challenges and implication discussion on the behaviour
  • Involvement in issue-based projects
  • Participation in positive activities
  • Involvement in community initiatives which give something back to the community

Who is this aimed at?

The team works with young people aged between 11 and 19 years old.



The team are out and about from Tuesday to Saturday each week.



The team works in areas where they are most needed; known as ‘hotspot areas’. Please reach out to the team to find out when they are in an area near you soon. 



Tuesday - 6pm to 10pm 

Wednesday - 6pm to 10pm 

Thursday - 6pm to 10pm 

Friday - 6pm to 9pm 

Saturday - 9am to 3pm

Sunday - 5pm to 10pm



These youth clubs are free, they have no cost.


How to get involved

Please reach out to the team to find out when they are next in an area near you, they are happy to answer any questions or just have a chat.


Contact details

Birkenhead Detached Team – Mike Holbrook -

Wallasey Detached Team – Katrina Maxwell -

South and West Detached Team – Gary Atkinson -


Follow the team on Instagram @youthmattersinwirral


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