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Child Accident Prevention Trust

Child Accident Prevention Trust

We give free child safety advice to parents and carers, and support professionals working with children and families. Our vision is a world where children lead active, healthy lives, safe from serious injury.


The Child Accident Prevention Trust is the only UK charity to focus on preventing death and serious injury to children from avoidable accidents. Our vision is a safer world for all our children.


They knew that many of the deaths and life-changing injuries they were treating were needless and they became determined to prevent them. We are still driven by that same passion to keep children safe.


We focus on the three pillars of accident prevention: empowerment, education and influence.

– We enable parents to make sense of safety advice and nurture happy, healthy families.

– We provide educational resources, advice and training for everyone working with children and families.

– We use our expertise to advise businesses and government.


While our work benefits all children, we target disadvantaged communities where families have the least access to opportunities to learn about safety and children are at greatest risk of serious harm.


We take our expertise to the frontline of family support, mobilising our network of 14,320 staff and volunteers who work alongside parents and children in communities UK-wide. We enable them to act as local child safety champions, equipping them with engaging educational programmes and resources to deliver direct to families, and providing them with expert advice via our newsletters, training events and website.


Finally, we provide a trusted, expert voice on a complex issue. We work with the NHS and public sector, companies, trade associations, standards bodies and government, raising the profile of child accident prevention and using our specialist knowledge to secure positive changes to services, products and the ways products are sold.


Who is this aimed at?

Parents, carers and support professionals working with children and families



Resources are available on the Child Accident Prevention Trust website





How to get involved

Contact details

Phone: 020 7608 3828



For further information

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Visit the Child Accident Prevention Trust website

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