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Catch22 is a social business, a not-for-profit business with a social mission. For over 200 years we have designed and delivered services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities.


As a social business, we have the heart of a charity and the mindset of a business.


We design and deliver services that build resilience and aspiration in people of all ages and within communities across the UK.


Catch22 works across five main hubs:


Justice: Offender management, violence reduction interventions, rehabilitation and victim services. Working with young people and adults, we provide intervention services in custody and in the community that are focused on building strong, consistent and trusting relationships to help unlock potential and make positive changes in life.


Education: Alternative provision schools for pupils outside mainstream education. We provide high-quality teaching and learning based on effective relationships which help young people to progress and succeed in sustained education or employment.


Vocational Training and Employability: Apprenticeship programmes and initiatives to help people in work. We offer learning and training opportunities for students who don’t want to stay in a traditional academic environment and help those who have struggled to find work through conventional routes.


Young People and Families: Child sexual and criminal exploitation services, mental health support, and family intervention services. We work with young people and families in trouble, providing early intervention, and targeted and specialist support services to those in crisis, leaving care, missing from home or with substance misuse or mental health problems.


National Citizen Service (NCS): We deliver a four-phase programme giving young people the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills and make a difference in their community. Participants improve communication skills, work in a team and develop as leaders, in line with the NCS aim of developing a more cohesive, engaged and responsible society.


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Phone: 020 7336 4800



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