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Brighter Days Ahead

Brighter Days Ahead

Where you are now is not where you will always be. There are Brighter Days Ahead


Brighter Days Ahead is a mental health and well-being service. We specialise in delivering Drawing and Talking and sand play as 1:1 support as well as Drawing and Talking group work. 

We are passionate about supporting children, young people and adults who may have faced, or are facing challenging and traumatic times.


Our support provides individuals with a safe, non-invasive space where we will use the method of Drawing and Talking or sand play to process emotional pain and trauma. We provide an alternative approach to talking therapies that can be challenging and limiting in processing trauma.


We also bring families together through group work to provide a safe space where everybody has their chance to feel heard in a non-judgmental, respectful space.  Bringing families together to listen and feel heard is vital in supporting family relationships and improving communication and empathy.


Our experience has proven that exploring and discussing emotions in a group setting increases empathy and understanding of others. Group work is very effective when delivered to classes in the school setting.

It has also proven effective when delivered to groups who have experienced similar adversity.

Group work can be used to bring individuals together to explore a range of emotions through the use of drawing and conversation.


Our practitioners are skilled and experienced in gently guiding 1:1 and group sessions to ensure that everyone gets the best out of every session.

We have a belief that everyone has the right to support when they need it the most. We aim to provide well-timed support without the worry of long waiting lists.  Having access to support when it is needed the most is vital in supporting the best outcomes for children, young people, adults and families. 


Who is this aimed at?

This is suitable for children, young people and adults over the age of 5



Tuesdays - 9am to 5pm

Wednesdays - 9am to 8pm

Thursdays from - 9am to 5pm

Fridays -  9am to 8pm



We take our services to the clients and work in a space that is suitable for the individual. This may be in a school setting, organisation premises or the client's home if appropriate. 



Private practice costs £30 per 1:1 session (£360 for 12 weeks of support) These each last for 30 minutes.

Group work costs £15 per person per session and this lasts 45 minutes and is delivered over 6 to 12 weeks depending on need. 

We also have a day rate of £150. This provides support for 5 individuals.

As a CIC, we also deliver community support and projects through funding and grants.


How to get involved

Please email us for more information


Contact details

Phone: 07952273338 or 07786 314581



For further information

For more information about Brighter Days Ahead search Brighter Days Ahead in this directory.


Visit the Brighter Days Ahead website

Visit the Brighter Days Ahead Facebook page



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