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Birth Trauma Therapy – Renew

Frontline Centre, L15 3HA

Birth Trauma Therapy - Renew

A safe place to chat about your experience of birth trauma and pregnancy loss.


Therapy services for women, men and health professionals; helping you find relief from the emotional distress of birth trauma and pregnancy loss.


What if you could move on from your birth trauma in just four, relaxing therapy sessions?


My 4-Step Renew Therapy Plan is a simple way to help you overcome symptoms relating to birth trauma, such as nightmaresanxietyflashbacks or avoidance

This plan offers you a chance to process a traumatic birth in a safe, calming environment, with a trained practitioner. Plus, by using a special, Birth Trauma Resolution certified  “Rewind Technique,” you will be able to process your trauma without even having to discuss painful events. Simply put you can overcome your trauma with ease.


Who is this aimed at?

Women, men and health professionals seeking support in birth trauma and pregnancy loss.



Frontline Centre, Lawrence Road, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 3HA


How to get involved

If you are interested in making an appointment or finding out more please phone 07704956320, email or complete the online Contact Form Visit the Get in Touch page on the Renew website.


Contact details

Phone: 07704956320



For further information

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