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Why was Autability created?

​Autability exists to educate, train and support people who parent or work with neurodivergent individuals. So much of the advice and training available today comes from neurotypical sources. We believe that the best qualification a person can have in order to advise and train others is lived experience. Of course there are other professional qualifications that are helpful, so here is a little bit about us.


What do we do?

​Autability offers a range of services and training, including bespoke support, training packages, help and advice for around the home and also for school. There is both paid for and free elements of our service.

​Our free resources page includes downloadable files for personal use as well as videos, articles and tips from us. To find out more, click on any of the options below.

​Family Support includes information on: working with professionals, meltdowns, safe spaces, sensory processing at home, stimming at home, choosing a school, communicating with teachers, sensory processing at school, stimming at school, the after effects of school and support packages.

Every family requires different kinds of support and advice. However, there are some areas which many families with an autistic member in will need to learn about. Below you can find topics which are frequently encountered by families. Should you need help and advice on other areas, please contact us through our support packages page.

​We also have a selection of free resources which be found on the Autability website links below.


We are in the process of designing our training programmes for professionals working with neurodiverse individuals and their families. These will be aimed at Education, Social Care and Health Care professionals. We will also be offering home based training programmes for parents, carers and family members. If you would like to make an enquiry regarding our training, please complete the online training enquiry form via the website link below.


Take a look at our Autability shop. Here you will find downloadable templates, e-books and information sheets as well as our home based training packs. To access our free resources, simply select the free item you want and purchase in the usual way. You won't be charged for these products. Keep an eye out for the free banner on various items. 


​Please note: Free resources are for parents/carers for personal use only. Should you wish to use them as part of a training session, please contact us at All items are Copyright Autability Ltd 2021.



This is an online service, so it is accessible anywhere there is internet.



We have many free resources that you can download and use for free however, some of our services do require payment. 


How to get involved

Visit the Autability website or Facebook page to access their resources

Visit the Autability website 

Visit the Autability Facebook page


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For further information

Visit the Autability website 

Visit the Autability Facebook page

Visit the Autability Training website.




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