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Youth Theatre – Chameleon Chords

Youth Theatre - Chameleon Chords

Founded in 2022, our Youth Theatre gives young people with a passion for the arts the opportunity to perform in full-scale productions and projects throughout the year.

We provide Performing Arts training through acting, dance and singing workshops to improve our student's skills whilst promoting self-confidence and personal development.

We aim to provide an enjoyable and valuable experience of the arts for young people. Our highly qualified professional tutors have a track record of achievement in the Performing Arts industry.


Who is this aimed at?

All aged from 8 to 18 years old



Please enquire with the service for details



Please enquire with the service for details





How to get involved

Please enquire with the service for details by email


Contact details



For further information

For more information about Chameleon Chords search Chameleon Chords in this directory.


Visit the Chameleon Chords website

Visit the Chameleon Chords Facebook page



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