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Wirral Carers Alliance – Multiple Organisations

Wirral Carers Alliance - Multiple Organisations

Do you care for a loved one who is disabled, ill or frail?
Do you often feel your voice is not heard?
Would you like to hear how other Carers feel?
There are 40,000 Carers in Wirral and it's time you had a voice.
Healthwatch Wirral are hosting an online chat in partnership with Wirral Carers Alliance and we want to hear about the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis.

We'll also be discussing all things Carers Assessments, your health and how to let your GP Practice know you are a carer.


Who is this aimed at?

All are welcome to attend this event



Tuesday 25th June 2024



1pm to 3pm



Online via Microsoft Teams





How to get involved

To reserve a table at the marketplace, or for more general information, please email or call us


Contact details

Phone: 0151 230 8957



For further information

For more information about NHS and Healthwatch Wirral search NHS and Healthwatch Wirral in this directory.


Visit the Healthwatch Wirral website



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