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Wallasey Beavers

Wallasey District & Explorer Scout HQ, CH45 4SE

Wallasey Beavers

Wallasey has been actively Scouting since 1908 and is continuing to thrive today with young people numbers only being contained by the number of adults volunteering to help.


Scouting allows young people to take part in activities from arts and crafts to water activities to visits abroad and of course camping.


Wallasey’s Beaver Colonies are busy, busy, busy beavering. Children aged 6 to 7 are welcome to join.


Who is this aimed at?

Ages 6 to 7



Please enquire with the service provider about session times



Visit the Wallasey Beavers page on the Wallasey Scouts website to find your nearest group



Please enquire with service provider for session costs


How to get involved

Visit the Beavers page on the Wallasey Scouts website


Contact details



For further information

For more information on Wallasey Scouts search Wallasey Scouts in this directory.


Visit the Wallasey Scouts website

Visit the Wallasey Scouts Facebook page



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