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Mini – Roads Scheme – Everton Park

Everton Park, Great Homer Street, L5 5PH

Mini - Roads Scheme - Everton Park

In Everton Park, a group of young children launched the “Mini-Roads” scheme, taking the first laps of a new cycle track designed to resemble a realistic road layout with junctions and crossings.


The £380,000 scheme, funded by Liverpool City Council’s Active Travel Fund and Section 106 funds, as well as British Cycling’s Places to Ride scheme, is a half-kilometer-long facility designed to attract and encourage thousands of young people to take up cycling.


The new facility, which will primarily serve children aged two to seven, is part of Liverpool City Council’s goal of becoming a UNICEF-designated child-friendly city. It is also an important component of the city council’s active travel and clean air strategies, and it will connect with the existing cycle network in the city’s north to allow other cyclists to use the scheme.


Who is this aimed at?

Children aged 2 to 7 years old primarily



Everton Park, Great Homer Street, Liverpool, L5 5PH





How to get involved

Please come along and ride your bike


For further information 

For more information about Everton Park search Everton Park in this directory.


Visit the Everton Park website



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