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Mini Code Breakers

Mini Code Breakers

Mini Code Breakers are here to inspire the next generation of young children for a digital future.

Mini Code Breakers provide weekly ongoing classes to children between the ages of 6 to 12+, teaching all aspects of creating code and thinking logically, using core concepts like loops, functions and operators to create animated stories, games, web pages and problem solving.

We pride ourselves in making our classes unique, ensuring that we encourage and emphasise learning through unplugged activities (without a computer), to understand key concepts practically. To develop coding knowledge further, we implement a range of activities to consolidate understanding as well as include educational games such as Minecraft. Our sessions are created with a combination of Carl's software development experience and Lindsay's knowledge of outstanding planning.


Our Mission

To expose as many children as we can to coding and inspire them to have fun whilst learning at the same time.

Our Vision

To educate all children about the exciting possibilities that coding creates.


All our classes have a maximum of 12 students and are all held in the real world (not virtually). We believe children deserve to learn with other like-minded children who have the same interests whilst also making friends.


Who is this aimed at?

Children ages 6 to 12+



Days and times vary, please see our website for details

Visit the Children's Coding Classes page on the Mini Code Breakers website



Locations vary across Merseyside, please see our website for details 



Please check our website for price details


How to get involved

To book a lesson please Visit the Contact Form on the Mini Code Breakers website


Contact details

Phone: 07739319018



For further information

For more information about Mini Code Breakers search Mini Code Breakers in this directory.


Visit the Mini Code Breakers website

Visit the Mini Code Breakers Facebook page



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