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Leftbank Soundtrack – FutureYard and Wirral Council

Leftbank Soundtrack - FutureYard and Wirral Council

The Leftbank Soundtrack is an audio adventure, a voyage of sonic discovery through the back alleys and boulevards of Birkenhead.

The animated music walk, using commissioned compositions from Birkenhead’s musical talent, threads together stories of music, movements, history and change. It takes you through Birkenhead, the old music venues and sounds, cultural heritage and hopes for the future.

Birkenhead. A small shipbuilding town on the banks of the River Mersey, nestled on a peninsula of land called the Wirral, tucked between Liverpool and North Wales. We populated the world’s oceans with great liners. We also populated the world’s radio waves and stages with some of the most fabulous and gloriously eccentric music you’ve heard: Bill Ryder-Jones, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Half Man Half Biscuit, Elvis Costello, Forest Swords, Queen Zee, Hooton Tennis Club.

Music has the power to change, to transform ideas, minds, places and talent.

On the Leftbank Soundtrack walk along the bank of the River Mersey, from the towering art deco Ventilation Tower, to the historic Priory and the green shoots of Future Yard. Listen to six musical compositions and allow your mind to reflect on the past and the present.


Who is this aimed at?

Everyone is welcome



Anytime, accessible 24/7



For directions please Visit the The Leftbank Soundtrack page on the Google My Maps website



Free - a mobile phone is required to access this activity


How to get involved

The Leftbank Soundtrack is free and easy to take part in. You can stay outside and all you need is your smartphone and your headphones.

At each location on The Leftbank Soundtrack route, you will be invited to scan a QR code (using your Mobile phone), which will take you to a piece of commissioned music, telling the story of the spot you are standing in. Listen, walk, think and reflect.

To find out more Visit the Left Bank Soundtrack website


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For more information about Future Yard search Future Yard in this directory.


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For more information about Wirral Council search Wirral Council in this directory.


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