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Kooth Podcast – Kooth

Kooth Podcast - Kooth

Kooth is an online platform to help young people with their mental health and wellbeing.

It’s a welcoming space for your child to safely explore their feelings.

They can anonymously talk to other people their own age on moderated discussion forums, and chat to mental health professionals via messaging.

We’re a BACP-accredited digital mental health service, and provide free services through the NHS.


Kooth Podcast

Join us as we chat about everything mental wellbeing from building self esteem, to letting out our lockdown frustrations - as well as some guided meditation. We're a safe and accepting place for all listeners, so take a break from everyday stresses to sit back and enjoy our fun and interesting episodes.


Who is this aimed at?

This is open to all



Available to listen to anytime



Via the Kooth Podcast



This is free to access


How to get involved

Please visit the Kooth website for more information on the podcasts available.


Contact details

Phone: 0845 330 7090



For further information

For more information on Kooth search Kooth in this directory.


Visit the Kooth website

Visit the Kooth Facebook page





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