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Kids 4+ Swimming Lessons – Swim Academy – Total Fitness

Total Fitness, CH43 3DU

Kids 4+ Swimming Lessons - Swim Academy - Total Fitness

Welcome to Swim Academy at Total Fitness, creating interactive and engaging learning experiences, setting your child up for a lifelong love of the water.


4+ Years Swimming Lessons

For ages 4+ years, your child will develop their swimming skills through seven stages, focused on developing their water safety awareness, competence in the water and most importantly, confidence in the water.

An experienced team of friendly teachers, here to ensure your child develops positive and long lasting experiences in the water, led by Splosh, a lover of the water and big fan of making learning fun.

- 6 swimmers per lesson

- Lesson stages based on ability rather than age

- Parents not required to be in the water

- Those completely new to swimming/beginner in the water will start on Magic Movers

- Dedicated group feedback time at the end of each lesson to help support your child’s progress


Who is this aimed at?

Children age 4+ years



Please visit the Total Fitness website for timetable details.



Total Fitness, Prenton Way, Prenton, Wirral CH43 3DU and various locations in the UK



Please visit the Total Fitness website for class prices.


How to get involved

Please visit the Total Fitness website to book a class.


Contact details

Phone: 0330 995 8425



For further information

For more information about Total Fitness search Total Fitness in this directory.


Visit the Swim Academy page on the Total Fitness website

Visit the Prenton Wirral Total Fitness Facebook page



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