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GILIL Academy – Loud in Libraries CIC

GILIL Academy - Loud in Libraries CIC

Get It Loud In Libraries is a unique award-winning project designed to give people who love music the chance to see top-notch artists in their local library. Since 2005, we have delivered high quality gigs in libraries in towns and cities all over the UK.


GILIL Academy

The GILIL Academy, part of the Get It Loud In Libraries program, supports young people's talent development through workshops, mentoring, and work placements. They offer unique learning opportunities in creative and cultural activities, including mentoring in digital and creative industries and arts management for event management, marketing, and ticket sales.


Digital Production

We train young people in various media skills to document gigs through video, interviews, photography, blogging and social media. The on-the-job experience helps them build a portfolio for future training or job opportunities.

Arts Management

We mentor young people in arts and cultural industries, providing skills in event management, marketing, project administration and more. Through one-to-one mentoring and on-the-job learning, they gain expertise in these sectors and transferable skills for future career paths.


Who is this aimed at?

Music lovers aged between 13 to 17 years



Various libraries across the country.



Enquire with the service for details.


How to get involved

Email the Academy Manager or send us a message on one of our social media platforms.


Contact details



For further information

For more information about Loud in Libraries CIC search Loud in Libraries CIC in this directory.


Visit the Get it Loud in Libraries website

Visit the Get it Loud in Libraries Facebook page


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