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Early Years Football – Footicubs

Early Years Football - Footicubs

When you think of football you might just think of an energetic, competitive game with the sole aim of kicking a ball into the opponent’s net. Sure, it can be great fun and good for fitness, but isn’t it a little too rough for a preschooler under five? Well, actually football can be so much more than just kicking a ball around with friends. When taught by a knowledgeable coach in a safe, controlled setting, football can speed up the development of a child’s gross and fine motor skills, teach them to balance, and is also a great way to help them advance their social skills and encourage new friendships to form.


Football, as a sport, can help your child to learn to make positive relationships from a young age through playing, exploring and active learning. Let them burn off some steam in an enabling environment that will help them to think critically to overcome problems and learn new skills with their friends.


Early years’ football is a fantastic way to help support your child’s overall development - without them realising they are even learning! There are some preschool football clubs out there that will offer a fun kickabout on a Saturday morning, but it’s important that you look for a group that will go beyond just teaching the rules of the game.


Who is this aimed at?

We teach children right from 18 months old up to 5 years (6th b-day)



Please look at the Footicubs website for details



Please look at the Footicubs website for details



St Peter and St Paul Primary School, Atherton Street, New Brighton, Wallasey, Wirral CH45 9LT



Please look at the Footicubs website for details


How to get involved

Please contact us by email for more details


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For further information

For more information about Footicubs search Footicubs in this directory.


Visit the Footicubs website

Visit the Footicubs Facebook page



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