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The Community Coat Rack – Byrne Avenue Baths

Byrne Avenue Baths, CH42 4PQ

The Community Coat Rack - Byrne Avenue Baths

As part of our warm hub initiative, we would like to introduce our 'Community Coat Rack'. If during these harsh winter months, anyone needs a coat then please don't hesitate to drop in and have a look it's all free of charge - we are appealing for donations of jackets/coats for this purpose, so please drop off what you're not wearing.


The Community Coat Rack is keeping our community warm and dry this winter. How does it work? Leave clean usable Coats for others. Take what you need. Donate if you wish.


Who is this aimed at?

All are welcome



Monday to Saturday



Monday to Friday - 12:30pm to 7pm

Saturday - 9am to 11am


(Please phone to check hours outside of these times)



Byrne Avenue Baths, Byrne Avenue, Rock Ferry, CH42 4PQ 


(Easily accessible by bus or train)





How to get involved

Please just turn up.


For more information or support, please phone 0151 926 0026 or email


Contact details

Phone: 0151 926 0026



For further information

For more information about Byrne Avenue Baths search Byrne Avenue Baths in this directory. 


Visit the Byrne Avenue Baths website

Visit the Byrne Avenue Baths Facebook page


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