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Bed wetting

Bed wetting is far more common than you imagine. Around 10 per cent of children aged five will wet the bed nearly every night. Most children will stop eventually and there are things you can do to help them.

Bed wetting

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Top tips to handle bedwetting

  1. Make sure your child knows you are not cross with them about bed wetting because it isn’t their fault. It can be linked to stress and sometimes your child hasn’t developed yet the ability to control their bladder at night-time.  
  2. Work together and see this as a challenge you can tackle. Ask your child to help change their clothes and the bed sheets so they can see why it is important to go to the bathroom.
  3. Encourage your child to stopping drinking an hour before bedtime, especially anything fizzy. 
Bed wetting

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ERIC has so many great resources to help with bedwetting which you can view here:

ERIC UK Bedwetting

Time to reflect

When thinking about how to support your child with bed wetting…  

What are you already doing that you want to carry on doing? 

What have you learned that you could try today? 

What do you want to do next? 

Know what you want to do next?

Log into your free account (on the top right-hand side) to set a goal on something that’s important to you and your family – then you can check in to show yourself how far you’ve come.

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