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Wirral Youth Employment Hub – Merseyside Community Training (MCT)

Environmental Innovation Centre, CH41 9HP

Wirral Youth Employment Hub - Merseyside Community Training (MCT)

Merseyside Community Training (MCT) is a not-for-profit social enterprise that cares about the Liverpool City Region and is ambitious for its future. MCT was established with the primary intent to help the most disadvantaged people from the Wirral area.

MCT works alongside other small social enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs who share the ambition of working towards a sustainable environment through innovation and connectivity.


Wirral Youth Employment Hub

The Hub is accessible to all young people ages 16 to 24 to access employment and training support with a vision of then progressing toward a positive destination. The Hub embraces a collaborative approach by working with a host of partner organisations and key stakeholders to ensure that members have access to the best possible provision to support their individual needs.


You will have access to:


Workstation with free Wifi

Career guidance and support

Workshops and career talks

MCT Digital Community Campus

Vocational Library

Employment opportunities





Who is this aimed at?

16 to 24 year olds



Please enquire with service for further details



MCT, Environmental Innovation Centre, Campbeltown Road, Birkenhead CH41 9HP





How to get involved

For more information or support, please get in touch by phone or email


Contact details

Phone: 0151 294 4460



For more information

For more information about Merseyside Community Training (MCT) search Merseyside Community Training (MCT) in this directory.


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