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Walk In Support Hub (WISH) – YPAS (Young Person’s Advisory Service)

YPAS South Hub, L25 1NG

Walk In Support Hub (WISH) - YPAS (Young Person's Advisory Service)

YPAS is a Merseyside-based Charity, established in 1966. We support children and young people aged 5 – 25 years and families to address their mental health and emotional well-being difficulties. The delivery of our citywide services includes primary schools, secondary schools and 3 community hubs. YPAS offers a wide range of support, wellbeing and therapeutic services for children, young people and families in Merseyside.


Walk In Support Hub (WISH)

YPAS Walk In Support Hub (WISH) Provides same-day mental health support for children, young people, and families in Merseyside. Formerly known as Alternative to Crisis drop-in, the service continues to offer the same support across all three hubs in Merseyside.


Our practitioners can support children, young people, and families with emotional wellbeing needs and advise on various practical support issues. They will provide information, advice, and guidance and sometimes offer low-intensity CBT-based support models.


Children, young people, and families attend the Walk In Support Hub service for many different reasons. Some people are seeking advice about services and what they offer, and some people are struggling with different feelings and emotions this is what we would call a ‘self-defined’ crisis.


A child/young person/parent/carer can drop into any of our hubs, you do not need an appointment or a referral to access this service.


Who is this aimed at?

YPAS services and support are aimed at young people and children aged between 5 and 25 years



Central Hub

Monday to Wednesday -  9:30am to 8pm

Thursday - 2pm to 8pm 

Friday -  9:30am to 4pm


North Hub 

Wednesday - 9:30am to 8pm

Thursday - 2pm to 8pm


South Hub 

Monday and Tuesday -  9:30am to 8pm



Community Hubs:

YPAS North Hub, Croxdale Road West, Liverpool L14 8YA

YPAS Central Hub, 36 Bolton Street, Liverpool L3 5LX

YPAS South Hub, Lyndene Road, Liverpool L25 1NG



This support is free


How to get involved

You do not need a referral to access this service, just drop into one of our three community hubs.

Please note: Please be mindful that our Community Mental Health Hubs can become extremely busy, and this can result in a longer wait at peak times, if you are attending our Walk In Support Hub. To minimise any inconvenience for you, please feel free to ring ahead to check how long your wait might be. If you are advised that there will be a wait and this would impact your ability to attend, as an alternative you can request for a call-back from a practitioner and an appointment can be arranged for you to call in at a more convenient time or date if required. 


Contact details


YPAS Central Hub (City Centre) - 0151 707 1025

YPAS North Hub (North Liverpool) - 0151 305 2040

YPAS South Hub (South Liverpool) - 0151 305 2030




For further information

For more information about YPAS search YPAS in this directory. 


Visit the YPAS website

Visit the YPAS Facebook page




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