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Stop.Breathe.Think. – Switch180

Stop.Breathe.Think. - Switch180

We are a game-changing mental health service for young people. We have been working with young people since 2003.


We give young people, aged 21 or younger, access to free 1-1 counselling sessions. No wait times and available nationally, Stop.Breathe.Think provides vital support to those who need it right now. Stop.Breathe.Think is run by the national youth charity Switch180.


Mental health support has always played a big role in the services Switch180 offer,  however, this side of our work grew rapidly during the Covid-19 pandemic. We knew we had to do even more to support young people across the UK.


In November 2020, we launched Stop.Breathe.Think in response to the pandemic. Our unique mental health service offers free counselling sessions and support to any young person who would like to talk. With no wait times and a team of specialised counsellors ready to go, demand is growing rapidly.


Developing Stop.Breathe.Think has been hugely rewarding. We did not want to close our doors to young people as a result of Covid, and this service enabled the Switch180 team to focus their collective energy on creating and rolling out a new service, that has been able to play a positive role for young people in challenging times. As a youth charity, this was incredibly important to us.


Who is this aimed at?

Young people between 8 and 21 years of age



Monday to Friday



Monday to Thursday - 9am to 7pm

Friday - 9am to 5pm



This is a virtual service. All counselling is done via phone, text or video call.





How to get involved

To get involved, fill out the online self-referral form available via the Stop. Breathe, Think. website.

Visit the Stop. Breathe. Think. Self-Referral Form webpage


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For further information

For more information about Switch180 search Switch180 in this directory. 


Visit the Stop.Breathe.Think. website

Visit the Stop.Breathe.Think. Facebook page


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