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SEND Specialist Primary Maths and English Tutor – Crea8ing Community

4 Brandon Street, CH41 5HN

SEND Specialist Primary Maths and English Tutor - Crea8ing Community

A not for profit Community Interest Company, providing Family, Mental Health & Employability Education and Support.


Working as a non-profit social enterprise, our primary aim is to support positive mental health through the delivery of well-being and resilience building workshops and courses for families and young people, along with career and employability guidance; supporting the development of the necessary transferable skills to secure future employment. We empower individuals to build their foundations for the future.

We take a holistic approach  to services providing wraparound support for all participants engaged with our parenting programmes, workshops and employability and careers guidance through the inclusion of wellbeing and resilience building, and specialising in a trauma-informed approach; making this an integral part of education and life experience.


Looking for a specialist dyslexia or SEND primary tutor?


Want a little help to make sure you're doing right?


Book a virtual tuition session with a qualified Primary Teacher in both Maths and English*


*subject to availability

Who is this aimed at?

Young SEND people seeking tutoring support.


How to get involved

If you have any queries, please call Helen Worsley on 0151 345 5836 or email


For more information on our services please Visit the Crea8ing Community website.


Contact details


Phone: 0151 345 5836 


For further information

For more information about Crea8ing Community search Crea8ing Community in this directory. 


Visit the Crea8ing Community Website

Visit the Services page on the Crea8ing Community website

Visit the Crea8ing Community Facebook page

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