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Maintenance for the Mind Sessions – Men Too (Wirral)

32 Argyle Street, CH41 6AE

Maintenance for the Mind Sessions - Men Too (Wirral)

Men Too offer a range of mental health support to men living with mental health issues and/or suicidal ideation.


Maintenance for the Mind Sessions

Our maintenance for the mind sessions run for 4 hours every tuesday. These sessions include a check in and check out, an activity and a lunch break, food, snacks and hot and cold beverages are always provided.

The sessions provide a safe, ethical and welcoming environment.

- They will always be focused on how to imporve mental health and offer weekly support within a group environment.

- Include an open circle check in, following our ground rules such as confidentiality, respect and a non judgemental approach.

- Snacks, drinks and food plus a productive activity every week.

- Visualisations, breathing and relaxation exercises.

- Personal development, affirmations and counseling techniques.


Who is this aimed at?

This organisation is aimed at men living with mental health issues.






10am to 2pm



32 Argyle Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 6AE



Free for all


How to get involved

Please call us to arrange a one-to-one meeting with a staff member or volunteer who runs the men’s group so they can give you a bit more information.


Contact details


Phone: 0151 653 3771


For further information

For further information about Men Too search Men Too in this directory.


Visit the Men Too Facebook page

Visit our WEB website

Visit the Men's Services page on the WEB website


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