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Blossom Programme – Flourish Tutoring

206a Pensby Road, CH60 7RJ

Blossom Programme - Flourish Tutoring

A place where potential is unlocked, confidence grows and young people thrive.


We are so much more than a tuition company; we are a company that teaches and inspires young people to strive to achieve their best, not only academically, but personally. We promote and teach growth mindset and resilience and offer a range of well-being workshops and programmes to ensure students really do Flourish.


Blossom Programme

We aim to build and increase self-esteem and confidence in young girls: we explore areas such as self-belief and self-worth; positive body image; social media awareness and safety; assertiveness in relationships; self-care; positive inner dialogue; strategies to reduce anxiety and improve sleep routines; positive and growth mindset.


Who is this aimed at?

Young girls



This programme is delivered at Flourish, 206a Pensby Road, Wirral, CH60 7RJ and in our partnership schools



Please enquire with service for pricing details


How to get involved

For more information or support please contact us.


Contact details

Phone: 07508 577 134



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